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Wherever quality sound is important – Bose is there. Bose products are the result of decades of research and innovative thinking and demonstrates an uncompromising commitment to deliver lifelike sound.

Discover a world of sound with Bose products, including:

  • Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones: acclaimed QuietComfort headphones dramatically reduce noise
  • Wave music systems: award-winning alternative to big stereo equipment
  • Digital music systems: enjoy music from your iPhone and iPod, mobile phone or any Bluetooth device with rich, detailed Bose sound
  • Computer speakers: experience full, natural sound whether you're in front of your computer or way across the room
  • Mobile headsets: take calls at the touch of a button. Switch seamlessly between calls and music
  • Bluetooth headphones: Bose quality sound for wireless, on-the-go communication from your mobile phone

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